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Neville Kershaw

Neville Kershaw

Sichidan (7th Dan) - Principle Coach

Neville Kershaw's commitment to Jiu-Jitsu extends over an impressive span of 35 years, a testament to his deep-seated passion and dedication to the martial art. His journey through the disciplines and techniques of Jiu-Jitsu has not only been a physical endeavour but also a source of continuous joy and personal growth. Neville's enthusiasm for the sport is as fervent today as it was when he first began.

In parallel with his martial arts training, Neville has found jogging to be an invaluable addition to his fitness regime. The rhythmic, cardiovascular nature of jogging complements the physical demands and agility required in Jiu-Jitsu, contributing to his overall stamina and endurance. This balanced approach to training underscores Neville's holistic view of health and fitness.

Beyond the confines of the dojo and the jogging trails, Neville's adventurous spirit thrives in the great outdoors. He is particularly fond of mountain biking and hiking, activities that not only challenge his physical limits but also provide a profound connection with nature. Neville's ventures into the rugged landscapes have led him to conquer some of the UK's most iconic peaks, including the towering Ben Nevis, the majestic Scafell Pike, and the picturesque Snowdon. These accomplishments reflect his love for adventure and his relentless pursuit of personal milestones.

After the exhilaration of his outdoor adventures, Neville cherishes the moments of relaxation and reflection that follow. There's nothing he enjoys more than winding down with a pint of finely brewed real ale, preferably in the rustic charm of a traditional country pub. This simple pleasure provides the perfect counterpoint to his active lifestyle, offering a moment of calm and camaraderie amidst his many pursuits.

Sports Leader Level 1