Application for registration to the Independent Jiu-Jitsu Organisation (hereafter referred to as IJJO) will be made on an official registration application form supplied by the IJJO to its clubs and affiliated organisations.

Any application form received by the registrar for consideration that is incomplete will be returned unprocessed.

The IJJO reserves the right to refuse any application without stating a reason.

Completed application forms will be processed (both for the purpose of registration and insurance) according to the date of signing.

Upon acceptance to the IJJO, the student will be issued with a Budo Pass (this being the official record used for training) and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure all details in their Budo Pass are correct. Any omissions should be reported to your club instructor or IJJO representative immediately.

It is also the responsibility of the student as well as the Club Coach to ensure the student's insurance is renewed annually at the correct time. Any student whose insurance has expired should not continue training.

All registered students agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the IJJO at all times. If a dispute should arise between a student and their Club instructor and cannot be resolved within the club, the matter should be referred to the IJJO for arbitration.

The registration fee (which includes insurance cover) will be renewed annually. This fee is set solely by the IJJO and each student and club agree to adhere to this fee. The IJJO reserves the right to amend the registration fee periodically.

Any Club which does not renew its annual Club registration will invalidate the insurance offered as part of the registration fee.

Any student under the age of sixteen will be classed as a junior student. Upon reaching their sixteenth birthday they will automatically be categorised as a senior student.