Dojo Rules

  1. Each Club must clearly display these Rules and Regulations to all students. It is the responsibility of the Club instructor to ensure all students have read and understood these Rules and Regulations.

  2. On entering the Dojo the student will conform to and respect the dojo etiquette taught as part of their training.

  3. Personal hygiene is of paramount importance. All fingernails and toenails must be kept short.

  4. Jewellery is forbidden to be worn whilst training. Where jewellery cannot be removed, the item must be covered with a plaster whilst training.

  5. The student will not enter onto the mat unless instructed or invited to do so.

  6. The student will not train without the supervision of a qualified instructor and will not attempt any technique unless a qualified instructor is present.

  7. Any injury must be reported to the instructor prior to any training. Any injury which occurs whilst training should be reported immediately to an instructor. Any injury should only be treated by a qualified first aider and the appropriate accident form completed.

  8. The IJJO accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury caused due to the lack of observation by the student (and failure to comply with the IJJO’s Rules and Regulations).

  9. Each club will be held responsible for any injuries which occur within their Dojo and must ensure they have the correct insurance in place for any claims made by students outside of the remit declared on the registration form.

  10. The word of the instructor must be observed and adhered to at all times whilst in the Dojo whether the student is on the mat or not.

  11. Every student must respect each other at all times without prejudice or discrimination.

  12. The student will not leave the mat without the permission of a qualified instructor.

  13. The student will arrive for training in the correct IJJO Gi and appropriate belt to reflect their current grade. Any student not wearing the correct clothing may be at risk of not being allowed to train by the Club instructor.

  14. The student will ensure the correct badges are displayed on their Gi for their appropriate grade. The badges must be displayed in the correct place. Failure to display the correct combination of badges for your grade may result in the student not being officially graded.

  15. Only dojo training shoes are permitted on the mat. Socks must not be worn unless for a specific medical condition. Where socks are worn, the student and Club instructor must ensure every precaution is taken for the student’s safety and well being.

  16. Any student bringing personal effects into the Dojo does so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

  17. It is the Club instructor's responsibility to ensure each student is at a satisfactory standard to meet the IJJO requirements for an official grading.

  18. If a student fails to meet the IJJO requirements at the time of grading, the student will be disqualified from the grading and will need to resit the grade at a future date