Red Belt

This is your introductory grade, from here you will train towards your white belt.


White Belt

To achieve this grade you will learn the etiquette of the Dojo, breakfalls, kicks, your first kata, and some basic defensive techniques.


Yellow Belt

Whilst training for your yellow belt there is a strong focus on locks and holds, you will also be introduced to defending against two attackers. Throws are also covered in this grade for the first time!


Orange Belt

Two new Kata are taught at this level. Along with several fundamental throws. Along with your throws, you will learn some new kicks and a more training will be given on defence against multiple attackers.


Green Belt

Whilst training for your Green Belt Grade you will begin to cover some more advanced defence techniques and more complex throws. You will also have to demonstrate a combination of methods without direction from the sensei.


Blue Belt

To achieve your Blue Belt, you will be able to demonstate advanced variations of the fundamental throws you learnt in earlier grades, and you will also be introduced to defending attackers with weapons.
N.B. For Juniors this grade is split into two grades Blue & White and Blue.


Purple Belt

This is the first time you will be introduced to countering, in addition to defending against weapon attacks, advanced throws and katas.


Brown Belt

To acheive your Brown Belt, you will be able to defend against four attackers, without direction from the sensei, using all the techniques you have learnt in your previous grades. You will also cover the most advanced throws and advanced variations of the throws you have learnt in previous grades.
N.B. For Juniors this grade is split into two grades Brown & White and Brown.


Black Belt


The 1st Dan grading will focus on using the techniques you used in your coloured belts in combinations, that you must decide on yourself. You will also learn several new Kata, begin your work with weapons and be able answer questions on the human body.


For your 2nd Dan, you must show a greater understanding of the human body and the effects of training on it. You will also be able to spar and your weapon training will advance to include more weapons.


You will learn advanced strikes, advanced countering, and how to use another weapon whilst training for your 3rd Dan.


To achieve your 4th Dan there is a large focus on defending against multiple attacker and for this grade you will really hone your defences and espaces.


This is the 5th Dan, for this you must be able to defend against large groups of attackers, you will learn Ho-Jutsu, and also add another weapon to your collection. Finally for this Dan there is also a theory element to the grading.


To be awarded your 6th Dan you must be able to demonstrate advanced combinations of the techniques you have previously learnt.


7th Dan! To achieve this you will be able to defend against prolonged multiple attackers attacks. By this point your skills and techniques will be perfect.