Glossary Understanding the tradition of Jiu Jitsu
A room or hall where Jiu Jitsu or other martial arts are practiced.
The training uniform worn for Jiu Jitsu training and gradings.
The belt worn in with the Gi.
An exercise consisting of several of the specific movements, focusing on defending.
An exercise consisting of serveral throws, locks, and counters.
The bo is a wooden staff approximately 6ft in length. The basic concept behind the bo is increasing the force delivered in a strike, this is achieved by through leverage and extra length.
Katana is Japanese for sword, it is mainly used for cutting, and intended for use with a two-handed grip. It is traditionally worn edge up.
A Bokken is a wooden training sword typically used in most martial arts. It is usually a replica of a Katana.
The Tonfa is a wooden stick approximately 18″ long with a side handle approximately 5″ long traditionally made of a hardwood. It originates from Okinawa, and is now used by police forces worldwide.
Nunchaka are two sticks approximately 12″ long attached by a piece of chain or rope.
Sai are a pair of unsharpened dagger, with two long, unsharpened projections. Traditionally they were carried as a trio, rather than a pair.
The art of tying an opponent up with a rope or other similar material.